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All retail stores, from massive wholesale clubs to small boutiques, need to have fire protection systems installed and up to code because even the smallest fire in a retail environment can quickly grow out of control and cause injury or death as well as tremendous damage to inventory and the building.  But staying current with your retail fire protection inspections can be easier said than done, especially when a lot of your attention is spent trying to provide a good shopping experience for your customers, ensuring that your inventory is well-managed and your employees are performing adequately, as well as handling everything else that goes into running your store day-to-day. That said, practicing proper retail fire safety is arguably the most important thing you need to do if you want to avoid a tragic catastrophe that can ruin your livelihood and reputation.

Retail Fire Safety Best Practices

Retail fire protection and safety needs to be a priority, regardless of your store’s size or how many employees or customers you have. The extent of your fire protection system can vary based on these factors, but there are some basic best practices that every retail store needs to follow. These include:

  • Staff needs to be trained on daily fire prevention practices 
  • A retail store needs to have daily fire safety checklist and staff needs to enforce the fire safety rules it includes
  • If the owner is not on-site, then specific employees should be designated to manage internal fire safety and protection systems inspections
  • The fire protection system needs to be inspected, serviced, and maintained by qualified technicians as per the local fire code

Fire Safety in Retail Stores: Daily Checklist

If you don’t have an existing daily retail fire protection checklist, then the following sample checklist will help your employees ensure they are performing all the necessary daily inspections. The following should be checked every day by your retail employees:

  • Check all building access points, such as doors, windows, and overhead doors, as well as any outdoor areas for obstructions and fix any issues immediately to ensure these areas are clear
  • Check that the building’s address can be easily seen from the street and not obstructed in any way
  • Check all exterior doors to ensure they are working properly and not blocked by things like shopping carts, deliveries, trash receptacles, etc.
  • Check to make sure external fire department connections (FDCs) and fire hydrant paths are easily accessible and not blocked
  • Check to make sure there are no combustible materials collecting outside the store
  • Check to ensure that all exterior areas are properly illuminated
  • Check all fire doors and emergency exits to make sure they are clearly marked and unlocked during open hours.
  • Check all Exit signs to make sure they are illuminated 
  • Check to ensure that all trash/waste is properly stowed in trash/recycling bins and not piled up in any area
  • Check to ensure that cigarette butts and containers are kept away from the building, shrubbery, and flammable materials
  • Check to make sure that all combustible materials/liquids are stored securely in an approved cabinet per NFPA/OSHA regulations
  • Check breakrooms to ensure they are clean, and all trash is in the bin
  • Check all electrical appliances in the breakrooms to ensure they are plugged into GFCI outlets and not in use without someone in attendance
  • Check that nothing is hanging from fire sprinkler piping or sprinkler heads in locker rooms and everywhere else in the store
  • Check to make sure that all supplies/stock/merchandise is at least 3 ft. from heating units and ductwork
  • Check that extension cords are not in permanent use 
  • Check that all extension cords in use are heavy-duty and grounded 
  • Check to ensure that all breakroom electrical appliances are plugged into GFCI and clear of debris 
  • Check for any signs of malfunctioning, frayed, damaged, or hot electrical wires

While the above can be checked by your employees, other aspects of your retail fire protection system need to be inspected by qualified technicians, such as your sprinkler system, fire alarm pull stations, fire extinguishers, smoke detectors and alarms, fire pump system, and more. 

Stay Compliant with Metro Fire Inspections’ Retail Fire Protection Services

Even the smallest retail store can have countless fire hazards and safety issues that can quickly become a problem if they aren’t resolved. From faulty fire sprinklers and expired fire extinguishers to failed fire inspections and a host of other retail fire protection concerns, when you don’t stay on top of your retail fire safety system, the results can be costly. Don’t risk your investment and the health and welfare of your employees and customers, contact Metro Fire Inspections today and let our experienced technicians help bring your establishment up to code. Whether you need a fire safety consultation, an inspection, violation remediation, or you need upgrades, or a new fire protection system designed and installed, we handle it all. Call us today at 631-994-0081 or click here to send us a message online.

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