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Any time a commercial building catches fire, the risk of losing multiple lives and millions of dollars in property is real. When such a tragedy occurs, it can affect entire communities and the person or group responsible for managing the building could find themselves in severe legal trouble. 

As a result, a regularly scheduled commercial fire inspection needs to be done to ensure that the building’s fire safety systems are up to code and ready to work as intended should a fire break out. At Metro Fire Inspections, we perform fire safety inspections for a wide range of commercial properties, including hotels, apartments and condominiums, businesses, retail spaces, and more.

In this post, you’ll learn more about commercial fire safety inspections, what they involve, and why it is so important to stick to a regular inspection schedule.

What Does a Fire Safety Inspection Involve?

During an inspection, the fire safety inspector examines all the equipment that makes up your building’s fire protection system, including its sprinkler systems, smoke alarms, building messaging system, pump system, fire doors, and fire alarms to ensure they function properly. Electrical systems and kitchen equipment will also be checked for flaws that might increase their potential for starting a fire. Other important details the inspector will be looking for can include:

  • Proper placement of certified fire extinguishers
  • Working emergency lights and exit signs
  • Proper placement of evacuation route instructions
  • Clear and visible building address 
  • Unobstructed access to fire hydrants and standpipes

Once the inspection is complete, the inspector will write a report that tells you whether your building passed the inspection. If the building fails the inspection, then the report will indicate what action needs to be completed to restore compliance.

What are the Most Common Reasons for Failing a Commercial Fire Inspection?

There can be many different reasons for why a commercial business might fail its fire safety inspection, but the most common reasons include: 

  • Improper fire suppression system 
  • Fire exit doors that are hard to open
  • A lack of functioning exit signs
  • A lack of functioning outlets
  • Improperly covered outlets, breakers, and circuit boards
  • Poorly marked or unidentifiable building address

Ensuring these issues are taken care of will help your building pass its commercial fire inspection. Other tips that can help you maintain compliance with fire codes can include:

  • Keeping records of the building’s previous fire safety inspections
  • Keeping records of all safety system maintenance, repairs, and replacements
  • Ensuring the hallways and stairwells are always clear
  • Ensuring all flammable, combustible, or hazardous materials are stored properly
  • Ensuring all required signage is posted and visible
  • Ensuring that the building’s electrical systems are clearly labeled and properly maintained

Protect Your Building and Its Inhabitants – Schedule a Commercial Fire Safety Inspection Today

Maintaining a regular fire safety inspection schedule is essential. It will help protect you, your business, its employees and/or residents, and the community. It is important to note that some of the elements involved with keeping a commercial building in compliance with fire safety codes and standards are established federally, but some states and even some cities can have their own codes that you also need to meet. 

If you need to schedule a fire safety inspection for your business, contact Metro Fire Inspections today by calling us at 631-994-0081 or click here to send us a message online. Metro Fire Inspections is licensed in all five boroughs of NYC, Nassau County and Suffolk County, and we provide fire safety inspection services for any sized commercial building.

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