What Is a Deluge System?

When it comes to sprinkler fire protection systems, the most common type found is the wet pipe system, but it is not the only type of sprinkler system available. Another, less common type is what is known as deluge sprinkler system.

What is a deluge system?

This guide will help you learn more about deluge sprinkler systems, so you can choose whether one would be appropriate for your building’s fire protection needs.

How Does a Deluge System Differ From Standard Sprinkler Systems?

The primary difference between a deluge system and the sprinklers used in wet or dry pipe sprinkler systems is the sprinklers themselves. In a wet or dry pipe system, the sprinklers always remain closed. They only open when heat from a fire is detected.

In a deluge system, however, the sprinkler heads are always open. Instead of the pipes being filled with water (wet pipe), or pressurized air (dry pipe), in a deluge system they are filled with air that matches the surrounding atmospheric pressure.

How a Deluge System Works

Deluge system sprinklers do not feature a heat exposure aspect like those found in standard sprinkler systems. Instead, the valve must be physically tripped, most commonly by a pull fire alarm. Once triggered, the valve releases either through electric, pneumatic, or hydraulic operation and water flows through the pipe and out of the sprinkler heads to douse the fire.

In a deluge system, the key word is “deluge.” This type of fire protection system quickly dispenses a very large amount of water. As a result, deluge systems are most used in areas where combating and containing a quick spreading fire is essential to prevent a much more dangerous situation from developing. Common applications for this type of system can include any spaces where flammable liquid fire hazards may be a concern, including but not limited to:

  • Aircraft hangers
  • Chemical storage facilities
  • Power plants
  • Processing facilities

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