We wouldn’t be where it is today without the hard work and acumen of our staff. We employ positions covering all phases of a given project including cost estimation, product submittals, design, coordination, installation, and testing. Each part is integral towards providing the best product to the building owner and future tenants. All positions abide by sprinkler and standpipe code and understand the importance of safety throughout installation.

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A well-designed fire protection system is one that meets all code requirements and allows for quick and simple field installation. This is achieved through our department’s full knowledge of local and national standards and constant communication with foremen, project management, and property management. Those employed in our drafting department remain involved throughout the design and installation phases of all projects. Our team stays ahead of the curve with drafting programming, allowing us to be well-versed in both 2D and 3D coordination, provide accurate and informative submittals and shop drawings, and completely stock-list and prefabricate a given system allowing for quicker and more accurate installation.

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Foremen and fitters at Metro Fire Protection understand that successful installation is achieved through communication, knowledge, and safety. Job sites can often present challenges unforeseen during design and coordination, and field workers will remain in constant contact with other trades, design teams, and property management whenever problems may arise.

Our foremen possess comprehensive knowledge of sprinkler systems and utilize proper management to assure installation is both correct and remains on schedule. Furthermore, all field workers are fully equipped to handle the various methods used for installation, and are ready to adjust to the emerging and new technological advancements to improve speed and safety. All workers are OSHA certified and follow proper safety protocol regardless of scale, as the wellbeing and health of everyone involved is of utmost importance.

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Overseeing both the large-scale and small-scale projects from start to finish, our project managers are responsible for keeping a project running smooth the whole way through. These experienced individuals know fire protection from water supply to sprinkler head, and understand the progression of a construction project from bidding to system testing.

All jobs, regardless of size, will have a project manager present to facilitate smooth and proper design, pricing and installation, and will remain the main point of communication with property management.

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