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Metro Fire Inspections is a full-service fire sprinkler systems company licensed to provide residential and commercial fire protection services in Westchester County, New York. We are partially owned by one of the largest and most experienced sprinkler installation contractors in New York City, Metro Fire Protection, Inc.

The state of New York has some of the most comprehensive fire and building safety codes in the country and inspectors will not hesitate to issue violations should your system not be up to code. With penalties ranging from hefty fines to lengthy building closures, a simple violation can negatively affect a business in a variety of ways. 

But the truth is, most violations are avoidable. With routine fire inspections and system maintenance performed by a professional provider of fire protection services, you can avoid being tagged for a fire or safety code violation.

Metro Fire Offers a Full Suite of Fire Inspection Services in Westchester County

Unlike some sprinkler system companies, Metro Fire Inspections provides our clients in Westchester County a full complement of fire protection and inspection services. We offer fire safety consultations, fire system design and installation services, fire system maintenance, and violation remediation services.

When you partner with Metro Fire Inspections, you enjoy peace of mind knowing that our skilled technicians and inspectors adhere to all required state and local building and fire safety codes and statutes for fire suppression system design, installation, and maintenance. 

If you have recently had a fire system inspection in which the inspector issued you a violation, then Metro Fire’s experience enables us to work with both you and the local authorities to ensure your violations get resolved quickly and effectively, so you can ensure the safety of your property and its inhabitants and avoid future violations.

Schedule Fire System Maintenance Today and Avoid Costly Fire Code Violations

In New York, a simple fire code violation could wind up costing your business thousands of dollars. But even more importantly, it puts your property and those who work or live in it at risk. 

The best way to protect your investment and its inhabitants is to have your fire protection system maintained and inspected according to FDNY guidelines. If you need to have your fire safety system tested and inspected or you want to have your system upgraded, or a brand-new system designed and installed, Metro Fire Inspections can help. Call us today at 631-994-0081 or click here to send us a message and we will help ensure your building’s fire and safety systems are up to code.

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